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Dedicated to enrich through memorable gastro experiences and cultural events your stay in Valencia
We aim to make your stay memorable from an imersive, educative, social and interactive approach.

Our Team

We have built a great team of specialists in making your experience in Valencia memorable. Esther, our Gastro and Cultural Tour Leader. Amadeu, our Cooking Workshops responsible, is an experienced valencian chef. We also have many collaborations with gastro and culture professionals that will add so much passion and knowledge to our events. Daniel, the director manager, will coordinate all the team efforts.


The Espanista was born 3 years ago when, after a long time of working abroad, Daniel came back to Spain and became fascinated by the wide and diverse gastronomic and cultural offering Spain had in every corner of its geography. 2 years of extensive and inmersive traveling around Spain gave Daniel an accurate outlook fo the best gastronomic articles and cultural assets Spain and, overall, Valencia could offer to our visitors. In that way what started as a passion has became a mission: To inmerse our visitors in the authentic Valencia and Spain experience.

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