Creative Courses in Valencia (Alternative Things to Keep you Busy)

Creative Courses in Valencia (Alternative Things to Keep you Busy)

As January slips away, so do our New Year’s Resolutions and the hopes we had with them. ‘Dry’ January has turned out to be a pretty wet (and windy) one and the promotion to sign up at the local gym half price has ended, so what’s the point right?

But whether you work online and need to get out more, visiting València and fancy doing something different or you’re simply in need of a hobby, there are heaps of activities you can do and skills you can learn to make the 2020 version of yourself a little better than that of last year…

Take up Life Drawing

This may seem a daunting prospect but with a glass of red wine in hand and a pencil in the other, it couldn’t be more pleasant. Who cares if you’re good or bad at art, the process will take you to a place of quiet concentration that we often forget is so important in this hectic fast paced world. Check out El Mundo 26 in Rusafa for regular art sessions.

Dance Lindy Hop

This style of dancing has taken València by storm. At the weekend you may come across a ‘clandestino’ while wandering around the old city. People only need a speaker and an open space and they’re turning and twisting one another to the sound of 1930s swing. To be part of this scene, take up lessons at Black Bottom, Escuela de Ruzafa, or Satchmo Swing just to name a few, and you’ll be dancing with a stranger on the street in no time.

Go to Circus School

If exercise like jogging or the gym is too conventional for you, why not take up something slightly different. You may think you’re too old for such things, but perhaps you secretly miss those days doing gymnastics after school or hula hooping in the playground. At Espai de Circ there are many classes on offer ranging from trapeze and aerial ribbons to acro dance. You can even take up clown lessons – that’s right, learn to clown around.

Learn to Play the Ukulele

If like many you regret not learning to play an instrument when you were young, it’s not too late! The ukulele may not be your first choice, but it’s the easiest and cheapest option to start off with and you can’t deny it’s adorable. There are group classes at Club Ukulele Valencia and if you become a member, you are welcomed into the family. Other music schools include Music Fit Fun which offers a bit of everything and Rock School Valencia that gives cajón classes.

There are no excuses. Instead of kicking your heels on a Tuesday evening or binge-watching a Netflix series, get out there and learn something new, creative and a little bit different.

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